Political Makeup of Fulton County, Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide

Fulton County, Georgia is a Democratic stronghold, with 72.6% of people voting for the party in the last presidential election. The remaining 26.2% voted for the Republican Party, and 1.2% voted for other candidates. To gain a better understanding of the county's political makeup, including federal and state officials, cities, school districts, courts, and law enforcement initiatives, this article provides a comprehensive guide. The city clerk is the municipality's chief registrar, rating and archiving officer, and electoral superintendent for municipal elections.

The Fulton County Democratic Committee is a political party of the Democratic Party of Georgia. It consists of 25 Democrats from each of the 6 districts of the Fulton County County Commission and 1 general district. Voting members are elected by caucus during regular business meetings of the Fulton County Democratic Party in even-numbered years. Anyone can apply to fill vacant seats at any time. All Democrats in Fulton County, Georgia are invited to participate in the activities and events of the Fulton Democrats.

Khadijah Abdur-Rahman is the Fulton County Commissioner for District 6, popularly known as “The Powerful Commission District of the 6”. To join, simply attend the next Fulton County Democratic Party business meeting (information about the time and place can be found on the events page on this site) and fill out a one-page request. Dana Barrett is the Fulton County Commissioner who represents District 3, which includes all of Buckhead and parts of Sandy Springs and Midtown. The Fulton County Democratic Committee makes several appointments to different positions, both inside and outside the committee. This article provides an overview of Fulton County's political makeup and how it affects its citizens. It also provides information on how to become involved in local politics by joining the Fulton County Democratic Committee or applying for vacant seats.

Finally, it provides information on current county commissioners and their respective districts. Fulton County is a Democratic stronghold that has been represented by many influential politicians over the years. By understanding its political makeup, citizens can become more informed about their local government and how they can get involved in their community.

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