Getting Involved in Fulton County Politics: Exploring Special Interest Groups

The Georgia Library Association (GLA) is a great resource for those looking to get involved in politics in Fulton County, Georgia. From the GLA Black Caucus to the Collection Development Interest Group, there are plenty of opportunities to make a difference. The Distance Learning Interest Group is also available for those interested in providing library services to students remotely. Political campaigns in Georgia are largely funded by political action committees, as revealed by an analysis of campaign finance data by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

To learn more about the history of campaigns in the state, check out the New Encyclopedia of Georgia's online exhibition, On the Stump. The Summer Youth Internship Program is a great opportunity for high school students in Fulton County. Applicants must be first, second, or third year high school students enrolled in a high school within the boundaries of Fulton County or live in one of the designated Fulton County zip codes listed. Schools included in the list are Fulton County schools, Atlanta public schools, and private or charter schools within Fulton County. The My Brother's Keeper Fulton County (MBKFC) provides funding for projects that aim to have a direct and justifiable impact on boys and men of color in communities across Fulton County. To become elected in Georgia, it is most common to seek the support of a major political party, usually Democrats or Republicans. If you're looking to get involved in politics in Fulton County, joining one of the special interest groups listed above or creating a new group is a great way to start.

Consider filling an officer position and take advantage of the collaborative efforts and creative exchange of ideas that these groups offer. Contact the GLA Stakeholder Council for more information.

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