Exploring Population Growth in Fulton County, Georgia

Fulton County, located in the heart of the Atlanta metropolitan area, is the most populous and economically active county in Georgia. Spanning over 550 square miles, it is home to more than 1 million residents. In 1932, during the Great Depression, Fulton County annexed Milton County to the north and Campbell County to the southwest in an effort to centralize administration and save money. This move increased the population of Fulton County significantly.

In 1992, Fulton County elected Jacquelyn Harrison Barrett as the first African-American woman to serve as sheriff in U. S. history. Residents of affluent areas of North Fulton have been increasingly vocal about their dissatisfaction with the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. They claim that taxes collected in North Fulton are being spent on programs and services in South Fulton, which they feel is unfair.

As a result, North Fulton residents have requested a service to extend the North Line ten miles (16 km) along the Georgia 400 corridor, from Perimeter Center to Alpharetta. Fulton County has a total sales tax of 7%, which includes 4% state sales tax, 1% SPLOST, 1% housing exemption and 1% MARTA. All parts of Fulton County outside the Atlanta city limits are served by the Fulton County School System. Nearly all major highways and all major interstate highways in the Atlanta metropolitan area pass through Fulton County. Some residents of the northern suburbs of Fulton have advocated that they be allowed to secede and reform Milton County, in honor of the county that was absorbed by Fulton County in 1932. However, opponents of this proposed division of the county come from residents of southern Fulton County, who claim that the proposed separation is racially motivated. Fulton County has seen tremendous population growth over the years due to its strategic location in the center of the Atlanta metropolitan area and its proximity to numerous national and international headquarters of leading companies. This has attracted highly qualified employees from across the country. The population growth in Fulton County has been remarkable over time due to its advantageous location and economic opportunities.

The county has seen a steady influx of new residents from all over the country who are drawn to its vibrant economy and diverse culture.

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